"Quimbanda Goetia" is the newest addition to the fake practice of Quimbanda here in the United States, created by Mark Andrew Gonsalves (aka "Marcos Andrew Gonsalves", aka "Carlos Antonio DeBourbon Galdiano Montenegro", aka "Matthew Hopkins, aka "Hobbs Wintersgreen, etc.).  As this "King of the Witches" has not been initiated into Quimbanda, Umbanda, Macumba, Kimbanda, Candomble, or Haitian Vodou (he fears possession) at the date of this post (October 11, 2014).  Without formal intiation, one cannot initiate others into these secret religous and magical practices. So why is he now combining religious practices and other magical practices of Quimbanda, Palo Mayombe, with Goetia and writing books?  Simple: To make money.  Mark/Marcos'  lame brain idea of combining the African Congo name of "Exu" to the names of the Daemons of Goetia for example "Exu Bael" is idiotic and disrespectful.  Why?  Because Exus are spirits of the dead, who walked the Earth and experienced death along with all of the transformational trimmings.  Goetia Daemons (Angels) who are cast out from Heaven -  Fallen Ones - the "Unborn One" or "Headless One" (born without a head or born without a beginning).  Here in America he has been exposed on his fake name, his fake familial Brazilian history, his fake Quimbanda religion that combines Cuban Palo Mayombe with what he's read-up on about Brazilian Quimbanda.  Now that he is exposed here in American, he has moved on to South America and Brazil attempting to do the same thing under a new name "Quimbanda Goetia".


In 2011, Claudia Delgado, ex-God Daughter of " Carlos Antonio DeBourbon Galdiano Montenegro" (TRUE BIRTHNAME: Mark "Marcos" A. Gonsalves) of the American Candomble Church located in Los Angeles, California was initiated into Quimbanda with the understanding that this man's true name was Carlos Montenegro and that his family brought the religion of Quimbanda to the United States in the 1920's from Brazil.  After the murder of her god-son, Chaz Swayne (Tata Meia Noite), Claudia Delgado began researching the truth about Carlos Montenegro and his family that he claims to have brought the religion of Quimbanda to America during their immigration from Brazil in the 1920's.  Since this time, it has been discovered that Carlos Montenegro's birthname is Mark "Marcos" Andrew Gonsalves, born in Los Angeles, CA by parents who were born in Massachusettes, as were his grandparents.  His familial lineage immigrated to America from the Cape Verde Islands in the late 1800's, settling in Massachusettes...NOT Brazil as he claims in his writings.   

As of June 2014, Mark/Marcos Gonsalves HAS NOT BEEN INITIATED INTO: Quimbanda, Kimbanda, Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria...but was initiated into Palo Mayombe and Santeria here in the USA by his Tata/Padrino Entuala Kongo-Domingo Lage (watch video below for more information).  Without being initiated into Candomble, he established the American Candomble Church.  Claudia Delgado left the American Candomble Church in 2012, and in February 2014, was initiated into Palo Mayombe by Tata Musitu-Eric Colon, and travelled to Brazil to receive initiation of the First Degree by Francisco Marengo into the "Brotherhood".  In March 2014, Claudia Delgado was interviewed by Eric Colon - Tata Musitu before the religious ceremony of Palo Mayombe to break the Ozain Nganga.     THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY