GOOD STUFF!  Brazilian Kimbandero Francisco Marengo is offering online "LIVE" classes in ENGLISH on the Afro-Brazilian Kimbanda at a reasonable price of $30.00/per class - with a "pay as you go to class" set-up.  Here's the information.  If you are interested and are having trouble getting in contact with either of us at the links at the end of the video, please feel free to contact me directly at    I have travelled to Brazil in early 2014 to meet Francisco Marengo and receive initiation into a very different magical practice; and I was impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, and his refusal to blend nor combine the various witchcraft, sorcery, or African-Brazilian practices and religions - keeping each one separate from the other to avoid contamination of traditions.

WE ALSO HAVE A "CLOSED" FACEBOOK KIMBANDA STUDY GROUP CALLED 'Temple of Kimbanda'...I hope to see you there!  Laroye.

Claudia Delgado, ex-God Daughter of Carlos Montenegro (Birthname:  Marcos A. Gonsalves) of the American Candomble Church located in Los Angeles, California - whose family immigrated to the USA from the Cape Verde Islands in the late 1800's - not from Brazil.  As of June 2014, Marcos Gonsalves has not been initiated into Quimbanda, Kimbanda, Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria...but was initiated into Palo Mayombe here in the USA by his Tata Entuala Kongo-Domingo Lage (watch video below for more information).  Claudia Delgado left the American Candomble Church in 2012, and in February 2014, was initiated into Palo Mayombe by Tata Musitu-Eric Colon.  In March 2014, Claudia Delgado was interviewed by Eric Colon - Tata Musitu before the religious ceremony of Palo Mayombe to break the Ozain Nganga.     THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY



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