"Studium Nunquam Intereo—Spirit never dies"

Welcome.  This website serves as an informational forum where the public can learn authentic traditional Quimbanda and Kimbanda. One of the goals here,  is to make this an interactive site for all practitioners of the African Traditional Religions (ATR's) to share their ideas and comments about traditional Quimbanda, and Kimbanda that is correct and truthful.  It is my hope that by having this forum available, we can begin to comb through the lies that imposters have claimed that have brought disrespect to the ATR's here in the United States of America.  With the information on this website, individuals considering intiation into Quimbanda or Kimbanda will be able to make an better informed and educated decision.  

DISCLAIMER: I am Claudia Diane Delgado, a citizen who was  bamboozled into having a fake initiation by Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Galdiano Montenegro at the American Candomble Church, located in Los Angeles, CA.  Montenegro's made-up religions "American Quimbanda", "Quimbanda Goetia", and "Palo Quimbanda" are not traditional African religious/spiritual practices.  After paying Montenegro thousands of dollars for services he failed to render, I became suspicious and questioned the validity of his priestly titles as a Quimbanda, Candomble, Goetia, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and Ifa priest.  Over the past two years, I have been conducting research using public background services and interviews and have uncovered Montenegro's true birth name: MARCOS ANDREW GONSALVES including his family IS NOT FROM BRAZIL.  The Gonsalves family immigrated to the U.S. from the CAPE VERDE ISLANDS. Montenegro's claim to be a priest in many of the African Traditional Religions is false, as he has either failed to complete a formal initiation by the Elders of a formal traditional house, when asked to provide proof of initiation we are given names of deceased individuals who thus cannot verify the fact, or cannot be located due to the omission of details such as place, date, lineage, and house that is expected that anyone who has been initiated and have received years of training would remember and know. 

As you may have already noticed, credible books written about Quimbanda and Kimbanda are scarce. The reason is because these are secret religions or spiritual practice that one must be first intiated before learning.  Learning can only come by being under the instruction of a priest who has been formally initiated by Elders of the religion with many years of practice.  Formal initiation by the Elders of a house, munanso, ile, or temple must perform the initiation following the traditions of that religion, and hands-on practice is the only way of learning how to perform the religious/spiritual practice correctly. Although there are many books written and being sold about the Africian Traditional Religions (ATR's) on the internet, this is in no way to be considered an acceptable substitute of formal initiation.  In the ATR's, including the Goetia component that is practiced by many practioners in Brazil, there is no such thing as "self initiation". Many of these books are filled with incorrect terms, words, rituals, practice, and intention.  On the website pages, you will find examples of this.  WE ENCOURAGE YOUR INPUT.  If you have a comment that you would like to add, please email it to americanquimbandamunanzo@gmail.com .  We also encourage individuals to share their personal experiences, postive or negative; strict confidentiality will be upheld when requested by the submissioner. Submissions will be posted daily to the thread located on the "COMMENTS" page.
Individuals in need of prayer and/or petitions can submit your requests to www.americanquimbandamunanzo@gmail.com   THIS IS A FREE SERVICE, and confidentiality will be strictly enforced.



ARTIST DISCLAIMER: All artistic images on this website were created by Danilo Lejardi, for the American Quimbanda Munanzo.  If you are interested in commissioning this artist for a private or public project, please go to "Sacred Media" page on this website for contact information, or contact Claudia Diane Delgado directly and she will help you in getting in touch with him. 

COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK DISCLAIMER: All Rights Reserved (2012).  With exception of the Brazilian Flag, the words "American Quimbanda Munanzo", all images, photos, artwork, designs on this website are owned by Claudia Diane Delgado and have been watermarked, copyrighted, and registered with the United States Trademark Commission.  Any use of these images whether for private or public or business reasons without the written permission of Claudia Diane Delgado will be prosecuted in both the American courts and International Courts for copyright violation and infringement persuant to the Burn Convention and the Buenos Aires Convention. 


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